Made sure I caught the bus

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I’D like to add to Ron Clayton’s account of the Nursery Tavern. I was 17 when I went to work there. Vera was a formidable boss and you’d be in real trouble if you did something she didn’t like, but what good life-training I got. I recall many times nearly causing trouble with the vase at the bottom of the stairs.

At lunch times, huge pieces of meat were brought from the upstairs kitchen. The smell was wonderful.

We usually were in one small room which students used. Vera would stand outside to be sure staff or clients didn’t get up to any mischief.

I met my good pal Joyce there. What times we had! Her little daughter became my bridesmaid. But we kept our friendship quiet as Vera didn’t approve of staff friendships.

She’d stand by the door at closing time, to make sure I got on the bus safely.

Pat Jefferson, Eckington