Made in Sheffield revealed

Harry Harrison Fields
Harry Harrison Fields
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The ‘Made In Sheffield’ exhibition showcases some of the finest makers in the city - and among them is Field Cycles.

Originally founded by cycling enthusiast Harry Harrison, the business is now a vibrant collaboration between Harry - a former fine art student - designer Tom Smith and artist John Burke.

The trio’s talent is evident in each one of their bespoke, hand-painted bikes, which have become objects of desire for cycle enthusiasts around the globe.

Harry said: “The name Field is derived from the second half of the name of our city; it’s also a rather clunky pun on the fact that everyone involved in making our bikes is from a different field of expertise. Luckily bicycles are like catnip to creative energetic people, and I think a big part of Field’s work being so well-received is that collaboration.

“We love to work with other businesses too – the bike in the exhibition was created with BPH Engineering Services Limited and it’s great when Sheffield businesses can help each other out.”

Field Cycles began in 2010 when Harry caught the bike-making bug creating a cycle for himself. Six years later Field Cycles bicycles have now found a home on every continent.

Harry added: “We’re often sent photos from customers proudly sharing their new bike – from Mount Fuji to the Golden Gate Bridge! It’s brilliant to see so many people share our passion for beautiful bikes.”

The current Made in Sheffield exhibition at Millennium Gallery showcases some of the finest makers in the city – from world-class manufacturers to the talented individuals working in studios and workshops across the city.

The exhibition will run until January 8.