Mad Walker for Walk of Fame

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We have some great names on our walk of fame - all well-deserved and well-known, but we haven’t got an ordinary born and bred Sheffielder.

I would like to nominate one of our citizens: Sheffield’s Mad Walker With The Pram.

Here is someone who’s fund-raising knows no bounds. He has raised thousands with his walks. Everyone in Sheffield has seen him out and about with his pram in all weathers.

He is undoubtedly an inspiration to us all. No one deserves a place on the walk of fame more than him.

Daniel Burkhill, Harry Firth Close, S9

New crossing

It’s good to see that the present City Council, has given approval for a new zebra crossing and traffic calming measures at Mounteney School in Ecclesfield, where a child was knocked down. This is something the last council could have given their approval for, but didn’t, it not being one of their priorities.

Mick Gethin, Chapeltown

Quality numpty

By way of a response to Ron Humberstone (Aug 2), can I say that when Ron and I were founder members of the Flat Earth Society’s Ecclesfield branch we would have been astonished to have, among our members, one with sufficient ability and intelligence to captain a naval vessel as well as to pilot a multi-engined aircraft. The same man is also a useful artist, a published author and an accomplished public speaker. Despite his privileged up- bringing the ‘numpty’ does have many qualities which would certainly make him an ‘oddball’ among our membership at the next meeting. By the way Ron, when is the meeting?

DS Dalton, S20

Market fuss

I CAN’T understand people going mad to shop in Castle Market. The few times I have been in to buy fruit and veg it has been rubbish. I probably get served the old stuff because I am not a regular customer.

Mrs Ann Taylor