Machete found after 110mph police chase through South Yorkshire

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Police found a machete in a car involved in a 110mph police chase through South Yorkshire.

In the early hours of Saturday morning officers in an unmarked police car spotted a Vauxhall Vectra travelling at 110mph in a 50mph zone of the M1 in South Yorkshire.

Computer checks on the car established that it may have been involved in an incident in Doncaster on Friday night in which some people were threatened with a weapon - thought to have been a gun.

Officers followed the Vectra onto the Sheffield Parkway and the driver sped off as he approached the Park Square roundabout.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said the Vectra was chased along City Road, onto Prince of Wales Road, back onto the Sheffield Parkway, through Swallownest and to the Whiston crossroads in Rotherham, reaching speeds of 110mph.

Through Whiston the driver drove along the dual carriageway on the wrong side of the road.

He also drove along parts of East Bawtry Road on the wrong side of the road, reaching speeds of 80mph.

The driver made his way to Maltby then turned towards Old Edlington in Doncaster, with the police helicopter tracking his journey from above.

He abandoned his car in a cul-de-sac in Balby and the driver and his passenger ran off.

South Yorkshire Police said the driver was found hiding in a bush and his passenger was in a water butt, with just his nose and mouth out of the water.

Both men were arrested for aggravated burglary and driving offences.

A spokesman for the South Yorkshire Police operational support unit said: “In the early hours of our first night shift, one of the team in an unmarked vehicle saw a Vauxhall Vectra travelling at around 110mph in the 50mph section of the M1 north.

“Checks on the vehicle showed that it had possibly been involved in an incident in Doncaster earlier that night where some people had been threatened with some kind of weapon, possibly a firearm. Local officers had seen it and tried to stop it, but it managed to evade them.

“The Vectra was followed onto the Sheffield Parkway, into the city, whilst additional officers in vehicles suitable for pursuit tactics made their way to the area as quickly as they could.

The Vectra’s driving was erratic to say the least, speeding up and slowing down. At times it was only just over the speed limit; at others it was almost double the speed limit.

“Unfortunately, as we neared Park Square roundabout, the Vectra became aware of the presence of police before we could make sure it would stop, and started to make off from us. The pursuit had begun.

“The Vectra continued along City Road and onto Prince of Wales Road before turning back onto the Parkway heading out of Sheffield. He drove through Swallownest and to Whiston crossroads in Rotherham, reaching speeds of 110mph.

“At Whiston crossroads, the driver decided to take the wrong side of the dual carriageway, and drove along East Bawtry Road, at times on the wrong side of the road at, speeds of around 80mph.

“The Vectra continued through Wickersley and up to junction one of the M18 before travelling into Maltby.

“The pursuing officers noticed that every time the Vectra braked heavily, sparks showered from the front brakes, as metal ground against metal.

“Once in Doncaster, and with the helicopter overhead to assist us, the Vectra headed for Woodfield Plantation and Balby.

“After a couple of laps of Balby, the driver found a cul-de-sac in which to abandon his car. He had his front seat passenger both deciding that they would try and give it legs to get away from us.

“Unfortunately for them, the helicopter watched as the driver did his best to hide in a nearby bush.

“The front seat passenger made a better effort to try and hide, by jumping into a full water butt and pulling the lid back over him. When we lifted the lid off of the water butt, only his nose and mouth were sticking out of the water.

“Fortunately for both driver and front seat passenger, they had the sense not to run any more, or to try and fight.

“When we went back to the car, we found a large, razor-sharp machete had been stuffed down the back of the driver’s seat, sticking up in the air so that the driver could easily reach it by reaching over his shoulder.

Both driver and passenger were arrested for a number of offences, including aggravated burglary and a great many driving offences.”