Luxury housing plan for historic Sheffield industrial works

Planned new housing at former Loxley Works
Planned new housing at former Loxley Works
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ONE of Sheffield’s historic industrial sites is set to be developed for luxury housing.

The Loxley Works site, off Loxley Road, dates from the 18th century, but the site has been abandoned for years and developers said it had become a ‘scar’ in the Loxley Valley’s green belt.

Architect Coda Studios has now been granted permission by Sheffield Council’s west and north planning board to convert the old Victorian mill building at the works into 10 loft-style houses, despite some concerns from neighbouring residents, due to the siting in the rural area and the design of the conversion.

Richard Hakes, who lives near the site, said that although the scheme seemed ‘sympathetic’ to the local environment, he was ‘fearful’ areas of the site reserved for creation of a meadow and communal seating area could later be used for further development.

David Cross, Coda managing director, said: “This is going to be a very difficult and challenging project, a totally unique development.

“We will be creating loft-style dwellings, using the original industrial features, but also remaining true to the Green Belt setting.”