Ludicrous policy

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What a total disgrace that our council is going to use a surplus of our money to take out speed humps.

When social services have been cut to the bone, ie. the medically sick and OAP care, just how can they justify this?

How much did the humps cost in the first place?

The motoring policy is ludicrous, 20mph signs on posts and painted on the roads all over the city, roads where you would be lucky to do 20mph for the pot holes!

And 100/150mtrs cul-de-sacs, where it’s just not possible to park never mind do 20mph.

Going on at the moment is a road scheme on Gleadless/Richard Road that is beyond belief, dig up trees, large green patches, gone forever, for what?

To keep traffic moving over 20mph?

At what financial cost?

MJ Barrington

Cat Lane, Sheffield, S2