Lucy’s lucky rabbit sign ripped down from Sheffield vet’s

Unveiling: Youngsters at the clinic when its new signs were installed.  PICTURE: GLENN ASHLEY.
Unveiling: Youngsters at the clinic when its new signs were installed. PICTURE: GLENN ASHLEY.
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a RABBIT sign made by a schoolgirl who won a vets’ design competition has been torn down – less than a week after it was installed.

Vandals ripped the new acrylic poster from where it was bolted to railings outside Hunters Bar Veterinary Clinic on Ecclesall Road, Sheffield.

Just five days earlier it had been unveiled, along with other creations, by excited children who drew their favourite pets as part of the contest.

Totley All Saints School pupil Lucy Parsons, aged eight, created the rabbit design and came first in the competition.

Head nurse at the clinic Helen Cherry said: “We couldn’t believe it when we saw the sign had been torn off by someone.

“The signs are bolted to the railings but they must have ripped it off the front.

“It was only put up on the Thursday, when all the kids were excited, and it was taken down on the Monday, so it didn’t even last a full week.

“We are extremely disappointed by what’s happened.”

The rabbit sign – with only an ear left behind – was stolen by the vandal overnight on Monday, July 9.

Now the clinic, which spent £150 on having the signs made up, is commissioning new ones to hang on a wall instead so they are more secure.

Youngsters’ drawings of their favourite pets were turned into the posters by artist Lauren van Helmend, who is based in Staffordshire.

The contest was launched last year for local schools, to coincide with the clinic’s 50th birthday.

Helen added: “We’re going to have more made but a lot bigger so we can put them on the wall and they will be more secure.

“We obviously can’t say for sure but we think it was probably done by somebody who was drunk and walking past – it is quite busy here at night because of all the bars and restaurants nearby.

“They’ve obviously pulled it off by the ears because that’s broken, they’ve taken the head off, but left the ear behind for us to find.

“I don’t know why anybody would want to do that.”