Lucky to have these guys running service

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I AM very interested in trying to recycle as much as I can.

Unfortunately I am finding Veolia’s recycling services complicated and difficult to understand.

Can anyone help?

My tall blue bin on wheels is for plastic? Oh sorry, a very particular type of plastic?

What, only plastics used by a small number of manufacturers?

Oh, OK.

But what about the big green bins Veolia supply to supermarkets, like Tesco on Infirmary Road?

They can take any plastic, even the ones you don’t take in the blue bins? Yes?

Well isn’t that wonderful, so let me just be clear on this: if I want to recycle more I can continue to take my recyclables to Tesco where there are various bins for all sorts of rubbish, card, glass, plastic, books, shoes, clothes, paper etc.

Or I can sort through them, picking out the ones that Veolia will allow in the blue bins and leave them for collection and then take the rest to Tesco.

How innovative.

It’s really lucky that we have people like you guys running our rubbish collection service.

Russell Cutts, Fairbank Road, S5