Lucky strike for dad and his lad who train as one

Matthew Jones (age 40) and Luke Jones (age 10) with their kukkiwon certificates from Korea
Matthew Jones (age 40) and Luke Jones (age 10) with their kukkiwon certificates from Korea
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LIKE father, like son – Matthew Jones and his boy Luke showed off some martial arts magic to each qualify for coveted taekwondo black belts.

Matthew, aged 40, and 10-year-old Luke were put through a full day of tough tests by officials from the British Taekwondo Control Board to prove they deserved the 1st Degree belts.

They were presented with their precious kukkiwon certificates, which had been flown all the way from South Korea, by Master of the sport Mike Mckenzie.

The presentation was made at Penistone Grammar School, where Matthew and Luke both train with the Quest Taekwondo Organisation.

The pair, who live in Penistone, took up the sport four years ago, and have moved up the grades together ever since.

Luke now has a whole shelf of trophies and medals as he competes nationally.

He even has ambitions to start competing internationally next year.

“I really liked it that my dad and me passed our black belt gradings on the same day,” he said.

“And now I’m a black belt I’m even helping my mum learn taekwondo techniques, and my little sister will join soon too.”

Matthew said: “I was really interested in finding a sport we could participate in together and taekwondo presented the perfect opportunity – with the added bonus of keeping fit and healthy.

“We are really fortunate to have one of the top instructors in the country teaching classes in Penistone.

“Master Mckenzie has many years’ experience of coaching at a high level and is well known and respected throughout the sport.”

Matthew’s wife Stephanie, who also takes part in classes, said: “I’m very proud of both of them.

“Their sport does take them away several nights a week and the whole family goes up and down the country for competitions, but it has been worth it.”