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I am grateful to Victoria Bowden for her recent letter and interest regarding Loxley Church and burial ground.

Victoria asks about the formation of a Friends Group to work positively with the owner to counter the ‘negative publicity’ about the site.

To my knowledge there have been two attempts to form a Friends Group with precisely that aim.

Frankly I can think of nothing at this moment in time that is positive regarding this sorry saga.

Ron Clayton


Let’s not stop there

I see old EB Warris is at it again.

Knock the Wicker Arches down because they no longer serve any purpose?

Well don’t just stop there. Why not pull down the Five Arches on Herries Road because they’re no used for anything.

Then we can pop up Scotland and knock that eyesore down called Hadrian’s Wall as that too has served its purpose.

Let’s then nip up Wiltshire and take those big stones down before they fall on someone.

I wonder if Paris have their very own EB Warris, saying, we should knock down that Arc De Triomphe because it’s serves no purpose.

Dear oh dear.

Ted Fowler

by email

Arches are still in use

EB Warris is wrong, (September 27).

Wicker Arches are still in use; daily trains from Aldwarke Steelworks to Stocksbridge Steelworks.

D R Winkley

by email

Another good reason

So EB Warris wants to knock down Wicker Arches.

Wicker Arches are a fine example of great Victorian architecture and have stood for nearly 170 years and withstood the Luftwaffe.

I very much doubt if many of todays designs will be around in 170 years.

Another good reason to keep them standing is they carry the trains that service Stocksbridge Steelworks.

Mr H

by email

In regular daily use

In reply to EB Warris letter about the Wicker Arches...

The reason why the Wicker Arches are still there is there is a regular daily freight train to Stocksbridge steel works.

Andy Barclay

Raven Road, Nether Edge

Being mindful

Riding home the other day, after a night shift, occupying at least half my brain with random thoughts, I approached the traffic lights at Beauchief, out of order.

The traffic was typical of the time of day, busy but not horrendous, and I encountered a curious thing.

A sort of mutual acceptance of the situation, allowing left filter and straight on, but surprisingly also accommodating right turners.

It felt in the time taken to approach and then to negotiate the junction it was at least as safe as when regulated by the temporally non functioning lights, indeed traffic seemed to be flowing freely, perhaps more freely than when they are working.

After concentrating on the junction my random thoughts went to an article I had read some time ago about removing all traffic controls in Dutch villages and suburbs.

Putting responsibility for safely negotiating junctions in the hands of the road users.

This seemed to be what happened, briefly in early rush hour traffic.

Giving the road user the common sense to think and act for the common good.

It was only after crossing the junction I relapsed into commuting mode, i.e. half brain for road, half for other things.

How refreshing.

John Scattergood

by email

It doesn’t get much better

On entering the Debenhams store on the Moor in Sheffield I was flabbergasted to see what a great store it has become.

Its departments looking fantastic and plenty of room for customers to browse and choose their quality goods, and along with all this the staff are polite and well turned out.

It doesn’t get much better than this, well done Debenhams.

EB Warris

by email

Protestors or Protectors?

I see our stalwart fracking friends in North Yorkshire are causing too much fuss

Arrested, then off to Magistrates Court, for protecting the environment, like us

Beware the consequences of peaceful protests though, despite your need to complain

I fear anti-frackers will eventually be powerless, with trespass injunctions by their name

Over here, Sheffield Council pretends we can effectively protest, which clearly isn’t true

As we’re not allowed to block the ‘street tree fellers’, whatever damage they intend to do

Apparently we protectors must never stand or sit beneath a condemned heritage tree

Isn’t that commonly known as ‘Catch-22’ because that’s what it seems to be?

People are attempting to preserve our heritage and do what’s environmentally right

So don’t punish them with injunctions if they attempt a peaceful sit down ‘fight’

Although I’m told that fracking will bring Yorkshire some benefits and wealth

It’s the shady street trees and pleasant landscapes which will benefit my health

Poor Yorkshire’s getting all this green destruction, in fact more than its fair share

So just take your fracking drills and tree chainsaws far away and go elsewhere

Perhaps the Government will take more notice of what Southerners have to say

Then those intent on heritage and environmental destruction may not get their way



Whitworth’s tribute

What a beautiful tribute to Bobbie Knutt by Whitworth. The man’s a genius.

Monica Dyson

(who makes sense!)

Charles Brooks shoes

Utmost thanks to Charles Brooks for informing me that my departure from Fulwood Road, S10, was on February 15, 1999.

I never was one for remembering dates, not even the one for the Battle of Hastings. I still can’t remember today what that date was and I’m 82 years young, (I think).

Pete Godfrey

Stocksbridge, S36