Low point for green man

Is it just me or are others confused by the newly installed waist-high green man at pedestrian crossings?

Tuesday, 6th September 2016, 6:25 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th September 2016, 7:31 am
Green man

After someone has pressed the button to cross the road the search is on to find the little green man to tell me that it is now safe to cross, but it’s not where it used to be, it’s now hidden behind the backsides of other pedestrians and often by the time I’ve located it to make sure it’s safe to cross, it has changed back to red.

Some pedestrians cross the road on the red man. It may be safe to do so, but it may also lead others to follow by thinking, wrongly, that the little red man has turned into a little green man.

So you could get someone who is not very fast on their feet or with poor eyesight, following someone across the road at the wrong time.

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The natural position of the green man is where it used to be – above head height directly facing the pedestrian so that it is visible at all times while crossing.

Experts on this sort of thing once held this point of view, so what’s changed?

Roger Ingram


Seek and ye shall find

‘Sanctuary, Sanctuary’ cried Quasimodo as he rescued Esmeralda and so is the plea from EB Morris and Vin Malone regarding the Peace Gardens.

There’s double irony here in the City of Sanctuary as my fellow reprobates yearn back to the ‘dens’ of our youth.

Well chaps, seek out the yard of the Upper Chapel or Balm Green where you will be Far From The ‘Maddening’ Crowd’.

Ron Clayton