Low-paid staff will get a rise

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LOW-paid staff at Sheffield Council will still get £250 wage rises over the coming year - despite the move being scrapped in all other parts of the country.

Nearly one million council workers across the UK who earn less than £21,000 were promised the extra cash by Chancellor George Osborne despite a two-year pay freeze for all other public sector workers.

The Local Government Association said because of the scale of council cuts imposed by the Government the pledge could no longer be honoured.

Sheffield Council leader Paul Scriven said: “Regardless of what is happening at a national level, we are committed to paying the £250. In Sheffield, the Liberal Democrats’ moral compass will be driven by fairness and, even though times are difficult, we will be honouring our commitment to provide the pay increase.

“We will also be cracking down on senior management by reducing those costs by a further 7.5 per cent in the coming year.”