Loving home needed for Anya

Anya with RSPCA Assistant Vykki Whelan
Anya with RSPCA Assistant Vykki Whelan
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ADORABLE Anya has an abundance of love to give.

This poor dog was left outside to live in unsuitable conditions and was underweight when she was rescued by the RSPCA.

Now she is looking for a second chance in life with a new family or owner.

RSPCA Sheffield Branch Animal Care manager Tony Benham says: “Anya is a lovely dog who came to us in January. She had been living outside in unsuitable conditions and she was underweight.

“A tan and white crossbreed, who we believe is around three years old, she has no known health problems and she just needs that all-important second chance with a new owner.”

Anya loves to play and enjoys being out and about meeting the world. She is very enthusiastic when she meets people and has a bouncy nature.

Said Tony: “Anya seems to get along well with other dogs and homing her with a canine companion is something that could be considered.

She can be a little protective over her food and she’ll need someone to continue her training in this area.

“Anya will need an average of two to three lots of thirty minute walks, preferably more, so she can run off her energy and enjoy bonding with her owner.

“Ideally, Anya would prefer an active home with owners that are around a lot of the day to give her the stimulation she needs. She would also benefit from training classes as she is very bright and this would help to manage her enthusiastic and excitable nature on meeting people and new situations. She’s a lovely dog who has a lot to give and who can bring a lot of joy to a new family or owner.”

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If you can help call the centre 0114 289 8050.