Loving foster family should matter more

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I have just been reading the article in the Star about the young family who have been turned down as foster parents because of the size of their bedrooms.

When our family were young, my husband and I fostered children and on one occasion we had two little girls who were sisters, because it was preferable to keep them together.

We live on Durlstone Crescent in the same-sized house as the Cockers, so when did the rules change about fostering?

Surely, a loving family home is more important than the size of the house?

I hope someone from the council will reconsider, as there is a big demand for foster carers in Sheffield.

Mrs K Maillard, Durlstone Crescent, Gleadless S12

Barnardo’s has a letter published in The Star asking for foster families.

It says they do not exclude anyone on the grounds of race or sexual orientation.

What about the spare bedroom being too small?

We see the couple on the front page of The Star not allowed to foster as the room the child will be staying in is small.

Never mind the child may get love and care, a sense of family, no that’s not good enough, as it won’t be able to swing a cat in its bedroom.

If this room is not big enough to be classed as a bedroom then they need a rebate from the council. When you want more council tax it’s big enough.

What planet do these decision-makers live on?

Jayne Grayson