Lovely Zack needs a home

Give a dog a home...Zack
Give a dog a home...Zack
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Could you be the ones to give lovely Zack a loving home?

The Doberman/Lurcher mix came to Sheffield Animal Centre in February after his previous owners’ situation changed and he could no longer stay with them.

RSPCA Sheffield spokesman Adam Spencer said: “Zack has such a charming personality and is a really terrific boy who just needs a stable and loving home. He is a timid boy who finds upheaval very stressful, so he will need extra support and patience at times of change and in new environments.

“Zack seems to adore other dogs so much that if he sees one he will attempt to go up and make friends with them instantly whether they want his friendship or not. We have been working on his doggy manners so that he doesn`t pile on everyone with gusto and communicates more politely. He may be happier in a home with a tolerant and calm companion who can help him to polish up on doggy etiquette.

“An adult only home would be ideal for Zack where he can relax and his new owners can see when he is feeling uncomfortable and can step in to help him. Zack is a little timid and wary of new people and we have found he takes better to women than men. He can be persuaded with tasty treats to be friends with everybody with a bit of time, patience - and a good supply of squeezy cheese!”

To find out more about Zack, or arrange a visit, call RSPCA Sheffield on 0114 2898050.