Lovely greyhound Lady in RSPCA kennels in Sheffield seeks a new home

Lady is in need of a new home
Lady is in need of a new home
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A greyhound who loves company is looking for a new home.

Lady, who is nearly four, is described by the RSPCA as ‘super affectionate’.

She is being cared for at the RSPCA’s animal centre in Attercliffe.

The charity is highlighting Lady as one of a number of dogs in need of a new home as part of its Give A Dog A Home Campaign, which is aimed at reducing the number of abandoned, unwanted or mistreated dogs in its kennels.

Staff and volunteers at the animal centre say Lady interacts well with other dogs but is wary of those which are more boisterous.

An RSPCA spokesman sad: “Lady loves people. She is super affectionate and will try her best to make sure most of her body is as close as possible to you.

“She also loves being out and about, especially in a securely fenced area where she can enjoy a run.

“But Lady really dislikes being alone and gets very anxious. She also dislikes slippy floors and stairs - her long legs mean she struggles with her co-ordination and ends up a little like Bambi on ice.

“Lady would love a home with a family where she will rarely be left. She may be happier with another dog as she is used to living with dogs of her own breed.

“She is also rather partial to her home comforts, so a home where she will be treated as a princess would suit her perfectly.”