Love Wincobank - hate litter louts

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MEADOWHALL staff rolled up their sleeves to help with a community clean-up organised by the Love Wincobank project.

Centre directors and managers were joined by members of the landscaping team and representatives from waste company Veolia.

The shopping centre was asked to lend a hand by Bridget Ingle, daughter of former professional boxer Brendan Ingle, the founder of Love Wincobank.

The Meadowhall team spent the morning on Tyler Street near the transport interchange cleaning up rubbish from a neglected area.

Bridget said: “We took photos of all the problems we saw and decided if Wincobank could produce 30 boxing champions, three of whom were world champions, then we should be able to get something done about all the issues we had seen. “

Meadowhall spokesman Richard Pinfold said: “We were pleased to support this. Our clear-up has made it a more pleasant place for those who live there.”