Love spans 60 years

Sheila & Walt Wilson on their 60th Wedding day
Sheila & Walt Wilson on their 60th Wedding day
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SHEILA and John Walter Wilson have been soulmates, best friends, parents, and husband and wife for 60 years.

Now to mark their diamond anniversary the pair have had a card from Buckingham Palace to mark their milestone.

So, in an age where as many as 50 per cent of marriages end in divorce, what’s the secret to Sheila and John Walter’s successful marriage?

“We’ve always gone out together and enjoyed life together. We’ve always stuck together,” said Sheila, aged 78, of Foxhill in Sheffield.

“We’ve always been best friends. We’ve been through some rough times and some very good times - you take life as it comes. But we’ve always loved one another and always shared everything. We don’t do anything apart, except for when he plays darts, and we have very special friends.”

Sheila met John Walter - known to pals as Walt - at the Astoria dance hall in Attercliffe where he swept her off her feet.

She was only 16 and fell for his charms quickly.

“He asked me to dance and he chatted me up. We married at the register office in Sheffield and I was pregnant at 17! I’ve been so lucky.

“I have a lovely husband and he always doted on me and I have on him too. He’s very romantic - he buys me flowers and has taken me on holidays all over the world.”

Sheila and Walt have five children, 10 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. “I’d rather be with my children and husband than anyone,” said Sheila.

“We’ve always kept the family together.”

Walt, now 81, is suffering from ill health. “It’s sad when you can’t do the things you want to do because of it,” said Sheila. “But I love him now as much as when I first married him. It’s been 60 years of sheer happiness.”