Lotto scam alert

actiondw''lottery 'winner's' letter
actiondw''lottery 'winner's' letter
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AN elderly Sheffield couple have sent in a ‘lottery’ letter questioning whether they have won £508,014.72.

They smelled a rat.

“Can you kindly look into this letter for us?

“It is all about a lottery in Spain, but the postage stamp is from Portugal!”

Action Desk can confirm the letter is a total and utter scam.

After two pages of seductive script it urges the recipient to send bank account details before October 24 to claim. So far so bogus. But unusually it also uses the National Lottery ‘crossed fingers’ logo several times.

So we sent a copy to Camelot.

A spokeswoman said they had sent a ‘cease and desist’ letter to the address in Spain.

She added: “We are obliged to take action to protect the integrity of The National Lottery and our players, when alerted.

“If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!”