Lotto convict must pay £10k

Illicit profits: Redley Farrier.
Illicit profits: Redley Farrier.
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A CONVICT has been ordered to hand over more than £10,000 in lottery winnings - to pay back cash he earned by dealing thousands of pounds worth of cannabis.

Redley Farrier, of Remington Road, Parson Cross, initially claimed he had only £300 when he was arrested, despite making more than £22,000 from his criminal activities.

But police later discovered 23-year-old Farrier had struck lucky on a National Lottery Birthday Bonus scratchcard - and was in line to scoop £10,000 on his birthday every year for a decade.

At a hearing brought under the Proceeds of Crime Act at Sheffield Crown Court, Judge Robert Moore ordered Farrier to hand over his current assets of £9,761, plus the £335 he was carrying when he was caught.

And Alison Dorrell, prosecuting, said another hearing will be held in September, when he’ll pocket another £10,000 on his 24th birthday.

The court heard the cash for the first payment was held in a Halifax account frozen by police - but if he did fail to pay back the money within 56 days, he would face a 12-month prison sentence.

The hearing was carried out in Farrier’s absence as he failed to turn up for his court appearance.

Farrier was jailed for 40 weeks in 2010 for growing cannabis and possessing the drug with intent to supply, agreeing he had benefited from his crime by £22,058.

The court heard Farrier later disputed the sum, but Judge Moore said: “The application to vary the previously agreed benefit figure is rejected, on the basis no evidence has been provided.”

Graham Wragg, manager of South Yorkshire Police’s economic crime unit, said the hearing had a ‘good outcome’.

“It shows the value of the Proceeds of Crime Act. You might say his ability to afford a lottery ticket was funded by his criminality so it’s only right and proper to take the money back off him,” he said.

“It was an unusual case, but one I think we were justified in bringing.”

Mr Wragg added: “Until he’s paid his debt we will continue to take money from him.”

The nature of the lottery win means Farrier is still set to keep £80,000 once he’s paid back his profits.