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The Castle Market, Sheffield.
The Castle Market, Sheffield.
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George Newton Cutts, (GNC),to give him his Sunday name, (Star, September 4), reminds me of a pinball flipper, only he never scores any points.

He seems trapped in a personal cul de sac regarding the recent ‘abandonment’ of the Markets site by the demolition of the eyesore that had become Castle Market and adds nothing to what could be an interesting, widespread and open debate on the future of the site.

I’ve laboured my own, personal view ie there should be nothing on it apart from whatever remains of the castle and moat can be uncovered and displayed.

The original intention of Sheffield City Council was for this to be an open area and a possible tourist attraction – good enough for me and many other Sheffielders. It would also demonstrate the historical importance of the area.

I’ll try and put over a bit of logic regarding my fellow correspondent’s argument but it’s been done before to no avail.

The castellated second castle was rebuilt around 1270 and the first Market Charter that we know of was granted in 1296.

A market/trading area grows up where there is a settlement of any size and would expand under the protection of a castle or stronghold.

As for the suggestion of myself getting a ‘grace and favour penthouse’in Kelham Island I find the idea of me getting such/any acknowledgement in my native city both laughable and sadly unworthy of the GNC I have met with and corresponded on several occasions. Grace and favour is for politicians and I would have made as good a one of those as I made a Civil Servant.

As for ‘rubble’, in those halcyon days when GNC was constructing the Market does he not acknowledge that the destruction of the Castle remains to erect Castle Market was an act of vandalism even in the 1950s?

GNC ,you would do your ‘Lost World’ cause more good by raising the issue of the whereabouts of the material from the former Market’s Heritage Centre. That’s an issue we would both agree on.

Ronald Clayton


Irresponsible cat owners

In response to Joy Foulstone’s letter stating Cats are Clean, (September 4), she perpetuates the myth that cats cover their mess in a garden. Sad to say they do not do this around our way.

Dry clay soil is not easy to dig, even for cats. We have two houses nearby who have at least five or six cats each and many other houses around who have several cats each, much to ours and their other neighbours’ disgust.

We are all fed up of finding their smelly mess in our gardens.

No matter what we do to discourage the cats coming into our garden, they still sneak in, even though they know they are unwelcome, as can be seen by how fast they move when we open our back door.

Why on earth do people need that many cats anyway?

I also take issue with her statement – ‘When cats leave excrement they bury it in soil which in turn gives goodness to the soil’. Cats rarely mess in their own gardens.

Even if cats do bury their mess, some of us are keen gardeners who actually dig regularly in our gardens to plant things.

Why should we risk diseases from other people’s cats or getting their mess on our hands? Dogs were not always domesticated but now they are taken out on leads to ensure they are not a nuisance to others and responsible dog owners do pick up the mess.

Why can’t responsible owners keep their cats indoors with a litter tray and take them for walks on a lead?

If dogs can be trained in a way to stop their natural instincts then I am sure cats can.



Against tree planting

Gerry Leckey, (Have Your Say page, July 26), writes in to ask if there is something in the air up in Lodge Moor? There surely is, for it’s been there since the mid-1960s.

The residents in and around the golf course were totally against any tree being planted, waging war against we tree planters at that time. We were only obeying our councillors.

Those same trees are now being defended by the very residents who are now complaining when Amey are digging them up from their rocky ground, for the ground was extremely rocky and all the tree holes had to be dug up using pneumatic drills.

The SCRD team consisted of Robert Brown, Joe Strutt and his son Brian Strutt, (who later went on to play for Sheffield Wednesday), E Booth, the team’s foreman, a guy called Percy, George Varley, and, of course, myself, making up the tree gang.

We, later on, planted trees opposite Broomhill Post Office on Fulwood Road where the trees were soon christened by the local dogs!

They didn’t give us a chance to fill around the roots.

Pete Godfrey

Ex Recreation Landscaper

Tree poem

Sheffield residents be careful where you roam

On Abbeydale Park Rise two elderly ladies stepped outside their door

To be given a piece of paper stating they should not break the law

They could receive a restraining order for an unlawful act

But apparently they were nowhere near a tree barrier, in fact

Speaking on YouTube SCC’s Paul Billington admits this shouldn’t be

But it sounds like injunctions are going to be given out easily to me

So good citizens of Sheffield be very careful where you roam

Choose a condemned tree street and you might be classed as ‘an unknown’

This awful situation seems to be more than just grossly unfair

Apparently you might be served an injunction for just being there

Whatever you do don’t stand beneath a yellow-ribboned tree

Or you could get an injunction like our valiant campaigners three

“But I live on this road” some of you residents might well frown

“It doesn’t really matter, the trees are coming down!”

So don’t shelter near a ‘SAVE ME’ sign even if you feel you must

Or you could be served with an injunction as democracy hits the dust

( For more see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EiYt_nvYrg )

Richard John Bramall


Management parking

One has to wonder where the management at the hospitals and Meadowhall complex park their cars.

These managers seem to treat their staff as though they are non- entities?

The nurses are vital to the smooth running of their wards and without the retail staff at Meadowhall, there wouldn’t be a Meadowhall.

These people need to park in a well lit and safe place and it should be free.

EB Warris

by email