Lost purse returned

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LAST Saturday I lost my purse – it could have been anywhere in Sheffield.

But it was found by the wonderful Centertainment cinema staff. This is the second time this has happened and both times it was returned by the cinema’s staff.

MW, S6

Small price for Mayor

If my maths is right, your article about mayors actually revealed that the post costs every Sheffielder less than 50p a year. Anyone who has ever seen one of these folk in action, particularly at schools, will happily pay up. The incumbents I have observed over the years always give a boost to the events they attend. In bringing a sense of ceremony to city events and representing Sheffield to visitors and businesses they make a contribution well worth the price.

Huw Thomas, Pitsmoor

If a Lord Mayor wins with a raffle ticket bought on expenses, who gets the prize? Get rid of the post.

G Wilkinson, Handsworth.

Others playing God

I admire Miriam Sadler for not selling her principles on gay marriage. I have no problem with gays but take exception to them and Cameron, who is after their votes by interfering with the very structure of what our nation was built on.

Man and woman marry, have children, grandchildren. Ask God if he’s happy with others playing God!

Trudy Pearson. Hallam

Not only does Miriam Sadler make herself a self-appointed guardian of a millennium-old fairytale, she also spews her prehistoric bile all over my daily paper. Why ever the gay community would ever want to marry into such a discriminatory, self-righteous joke of an establishment is truly beyond me.

Luke Hockney, Wadsley Bridge