Loss of trees a huge blow to Sheffield’s green image

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I can fully understand Ivan Skelhorn feeling “physically sick” at witnessing the brutal felling of the beautiful tree around 150 years old on Ashland Road, Nether Edge (Letters May 6), for not only are trees like this a wonderful sight to behold but, as he says, these mature specimens are “big pollution filters” in our already over-contaminated environment.

When I hear even a mention of Sheffield City Council’s contractors Amey the only word that springs to mind is “destruction”.

They are responsible for the disgraceful massacre all over the city of well over 1,000 of Sheffield’s tree population and it was estimated that by this March around 1,200 would have been felled.

These wonderful specimens should be protected, they can never be replaced. I believe in future this destruction will be recognised as one of the worst mistakes in our city’s history.

Unless a tree is badly diseased and dangerous (which I don’t believe applies to the majority of those axed) there is no excuse for taking a chainsaw to them.

I know that Professor Ian D Rotherham, an expert on wildlife and environmental issues, has continually expressed his concern in his weekly column in The Star about the loss of these trees and that he has been inundated with complaints from the general public asking for his assistance.

The Labour Council sanctioned the removal of these trees, but one might ask what action the councillors from the opposing parties have taken to try and stop this travesty?

Unfortunately, the answer is they have done nothing and have allowed it to happen. They should hang their heads in shame, they have demonstrated that they care nothing for Sheffield’s reputation as one of the greenest cities.

Susan Richardson

Yours sincerely,

Susan Richardson