Los Angeles woman whose great-uncle died in Mi Amigo crash makes 5,000 mile pilgrimage to Sheffield to thank Tony Foulds and watch memorial flypast over Endcliffe Park

The great-niece of one of the Mi Amigo ten discovered Tony Fould’s memorial from a viral Facebook video.

Friday, 22nd February 2019, 10:53 am
Updated Friday, 22nd February 2019, 10:57 am
Megan Leo with Tony Foulds at today's flypast

Megan Leo, a student from Los Angeles, was scrolling through Facebook when she spotted a video from celebrity George Takei.

“I saw that the post mentioned a plane called "Mi Amigo" and thought to myself, "Wait. I know that plane." I clicked on the link and read all about how Tony got his flypast. I immediately bought my tickets to come out to Sheffield to thank him for all that he does.”

Megan Leo with Tony Foulds at today's flypast

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She also spoke of the unity this memorial brings between the UK and the US.

“This flyover not only marks the 75th anniversary of the crash and the loss, it celebrates the long and enduring friendship between our two countries and how, when the world was threatened, we joined forces and sacrificed everything. It's an important thing to remember.”

Tony Foulds, 82, was just 8 years old when the ten risked their lives to save him and a group of children in the park from being hit.

Across the pond and many miles from their home, he was helping to keep Melchor’s, and the nine others’ memory alive.

Megan said “my family are so, so touched. We have mourned Melchor’s loss for so long. To know that their story is remembered 6,000 miles away means the world.”

The plane carrying Hernandez, the B-17 Flying Fortress – known as Mi Amigo, crashed into woodland in Endcliffe Park, with no survivors.

“He has spent decades making sure that no one would forget what happened on that day.

“I want to thank him in person for all that he has done to keep the memory of the ten and the Mi Amigo alive and in the hearts of the current generation. His actions mean so much to my family - words almost can't convey what it means.”

“He is an amazing man and I am so grateful to have the chance to meet him in person and thank him on behalf of the Hernandez family.”