Lorries speeding through Sheffield dislodge parked car

Peter Taylors Renault which ended up over the bottom of his driveway due to vibration from passing lorries
Peter Taylors Renault which ended up over the bottom of his driveway due to vibration from passing lorries
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A family claim speeding lorries using their street as a rat-run dislodged their parked car and sent it careering towards their home.

Peter and Geraldine Taylor, of Birley Spa Lane, Hackenthorpe, Sheffield, claim vibrations from passing trucks dislodged the car, causing it to plunge towards the house.

The Renault slid down the driveway and fell two feet into a gap between the house and garden.

“It was terrifying,” said Geraldine, aged 66, who has lived in the house with husband Peter for 17 years.

“I felt the whole house shake as the lorry passed by and then I heard this awful scraping metal sound. I looked outside and the back of the car was in the air and the front was in the ground.”

The couple’s seven-year-old grandson Connor often plays in the garden and the family say it is lucky he was not outside at the time.

Connor’s mum, Dawn Hurst, said: “From the time he could crawl, the step in front of my parents’ house has been Connor’s perch.

“He likes to sit on it in the sunshine and eat his snack or chat to his grandad while he’s gardening.

“It was only because his grandad wasn’t out in the garden that he decided to follow me into the house.

“My parents are both retired and my dad is partially disabled - that car is their lifeline and, without it, they’re completely stranded.”

Dawn added: “Worst of all, my dad has now been told he will need to pay a huge excess and will lose his ‘no claims’ bonus if we have to go through his insurance company to sort this.”

A Sheffield Council spokesman said: “It will be difficult for any organisation to take responsibility for the car, as it would need to be proven the vibration from the lorries definitely caused the car to move.

“Even then, I suspect proof of who was responsible for that would need to be decided.

“It sounds like it will need to be an insurance claim by the vehicle owners and then the insurance company would try to claim back any costs against whoever was found to be responsible.

“Speeding on roads is definitely not something that we are responsible for enforcing.”

Inspector Jason Booth, of South Yorkshire Police, said: “I am aware of this situation. However, having had no other complaints about problems caused by passing lorries, it is difficult to establish the cause of the incident mentioned regarding the car.

“We have received previous reports some time ago about problems with speeding in general on the road, resulting in operations which we have carried out in partnership with the local school.”