Lorries could be taken away from Doncaster residential streets under new road plan

A planned link road to take lorries off residential streets in Rossington could be built within months.
Rossington residents protesting earlier this year on Bankwood Lane over lorries and a fly infestationRossington residents protesting earlier this year on Bankwood Lane over lorries and a fly infestation
Rossington residents protesting earlier this year on Bankwood Lane over lorries and a fly infestation

Bosses at the recycling firm Attero, based on Bankwood Lane industrial estate, have confirmed that they have completed legal agreements over a planned route which would mean lorries travelling straight from their site to the Great Yorkshire Way, with no need to use residential streets

Residents on Bankwood Lane and West End Lane had previously raised concerns over the number of lorries which were passing their homes on their journeys to and from the industrial estate.

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It one of two issues which sparked protests in the summer, along with concerns over flies. The issue of flies sparked action from another firm on the estate, Morris Metals, which changed how it worked after concerns were raised by the Environment Agency.

Complaints over lorries have ranged from road safety to noise.

But now David Barnard, the chartered surveyor and consultant for Attero, has confirmed that legal documents have now been signed which will allow a route to be agreed for the road to take. The route had not been straight forward because of land ownership issues.

The planned road would join up with a roundabout close to the A6182 Great Yorkshire Way.

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It will also mean for a lorry park, currently used as a holding area to stop trucks having to queue along the roads, will no longer be needed.

Mr Barnard said: "There have been proposals for a link road, joining up with the last 18 months to two years, but it has taken a long time to sort out these details. But the legal agreements for the route are now in place so now we are preparing a planning application to enable the work to be done."

The firm is hoping to submit a planning application for the road in mid-November. Once planning permission is in in place, Mr Barnard said builders were on standby and would expect to have the construction completed in three to four weeks of starting on site.

The stretch of road to the roundabout will be less than 100m in length. It will only link with the Attero site, but it would be possible in the future to create a link to the entire industrial estate.

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Rossington Parish Council chairman Ali Harper said: "This is really important. If this goes ahead it will give the people who lived in that part of Rossington closure on what has been a big issue for the last few years.

"Once this is built the people on the route should be able to live in peace.

"This is wonderful news."

Attero's site is a treatment plant which processes all sorts of waste. Its website says from these it produces separated wood, plastics, paper, card and metals, solid recovered fuel, refuse-derived fuel, soils, soil conditioning additives and aggregates.