Lord Mayor opens new day centre for the elderly

Lord Mayor Peter Rippon visits Lansdowne Chapel's Reource Day at Sharrow
Lord Mayor Peter Rippon visits Lansdowne Chapel's Reource Day at Sharrow
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A new day centre for elderly people who are socially isolated or have mild dementia has opened its doors in Sheffield.

The Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Coun Peter Rippon, officially opened the new Faith Family Community Resource Day Centre at Landsdowne Chapel on Cemetery Road, in Sharrow.

Service users can take part in a range of activities aimed at encouraging wellbeing, while supporting independence.

Centre manager Aisha Ibrahim said: “The day centre is aimed at the elderly, over 60, who are lonely, housebound or who have mild to moderate dementia.

“We are opening in this area as there is currently little or no provision for a place for the elderly to come on a regular basis and spend time with people of the same age and at the same time perhaps give their carers some respite for a few hours.

“The day centre offers a warm and friendly environment for people to meet each other, chat, and join in a variety of activities, entertainment and trips out.

“The day centre offers opportunity for fun, social activities and companionship in a safe and supported environment, where people are respected and treated as individuals.”

The facility is open three days a week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday - from 9.30am to 4pm.

Activities include games, music therapy, gardening, computer sessions and exercise classes. A hot meal is also on offer.

Potential users are assisted at home and their carers are supported by regular visits until a place at the day centre becomes available.

Carers are also able to attend afternoon and evening groups where they are encouraged to participate in the service and share their opinions on how it could be improved.

Coun Rippon toured the facilities during the official opening event, and spoke to some of the people who will be using the centre.

n For more details of the centre and the service available visit www.t-chat.org.uk