Loony lefties' short memories

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DO loony lefties have short memories? Their beloved Labour lost the election by a mile. Mandelson promised money to Forgemaster when he knew they were not going to be re-elected. Why be so rude to Cameron, Clegg and Osborne?

David Blunkett and Richard Caborn are treated like they are something special. They gave away thousands of our rates money to the commie steel unions and Scargill.

The new Government have the guts to try to get us out of Labour's mess. Lefty students marching because we won't pay for their studies for a degree in some mickey mouse subject which will give then a job as paper shufflers in the NHS or local government.

The current leaders didn't come into politics to make money! As you say 10 times a week they went to private schools as did David Miliband and the aptly named Ed Balls and his gobby wife.

Finally, what about John Prescott, now a hated lord, who used to graft as a ship's waiter. You and your mates would not know a working class bloke if you fell over one. No wonder this great city is treated as a joke by the rest of the country.

David Brumpton, Stocksbridge

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