Loom band warning from South Yorkshire vet after dog’s operation

Liz Scrivin with Milo
Liz Scrivin with Milo
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A Barnsley veterinary practice has issued a warning to pet owners about the dangers of loom bands.

It comes after vets had to operate on a dog which had swallowed several dozen of the brightly-coloured pieces of plastic.

The loom band craze had swept the nation, with youngsters making all manner of accessories from the bands.

Abbey Vets had to perform an emergency operation on Milo, a two-year-old springer spaniel from Grimethorpe which had tucked into a packet of the bands.

Liz Scrivin, Milo’s owner, said: “My nieces and nephews had been playing with the loom bands and they left them on the coffee table.

“Somehow Milo managed to open the lounge door while I was out and he then ate the bands.

“Unfortunately, the bands didn’t pass through him and his stomach became bloated so vets had to operate. He’s made a good recovery, but I’m not taking any chances and have thrown the bands away.”

Tony Duffy, of Abbey Vets, said: “Do not leave the bands or the finished products anywhere where pets can easily get hold of them.

“The bands can get stuck in the stomach or intestine, which can lead to a rupture.

“If you suspect your pet has eaten the bands, it’s important to call a vet right away.”