Look on the Brightside of Sheffield for view of Tour

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It saddens me to read letters like the one written under the pseudonym of Roland Nilsson (‘Show the world how green Sheffield is’) in reference to the Tour de France route going through the ‘most deprived, unkempt, down-trodden and completely filthy parts of the town’.

The route goes through Brightside and Wincobank and these presumably are the areas that the author is referring to without specifically naming them.

Jenkin Road, with its 33% gradient, is being promoted as one of the top 10 viewing locations during the three-day Grand Départ event.

These areas are part of the industrial east end of Sheffield, where our world-renowned steel industry grew up.

They are also home to the ancient woodlands of Wincobank Hill and Woolley Wood, have the River Don and Blackburn Brook running through their valley along with the Trans Pennine Trail.

Historically, Wincobank Hill and the Roman Ridge form the northernmost part of the Roman Empire, along with the Iron Age hill fort constructed c500BC by the Celtic Brigantes.

The residents of Wincobank and Brightside know how special the area is, and clearly so do the Tour organisers.

With a bit of education Roland Nilsson could know this too, rather than his very public display of ignorance.

Bridget Ingle

Love Wincobank Campaign