Long wait for bus

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I WAS dumbfounded to read Frank Yates’s letter (Oct 5) praising the 120 bus service. He obviously lives at the opposite side of the city from me (S10).

Since the changeover to the 120 route, the buses on the Fulwood to city centre section of this route are very unreliable.

What should be a 10-minute timetable is often a 20-minute wait with two, sometimes three, arriving together.

I thought things couldn’t get any worse but today I waited at Broomhill for a bus to Arundel Gate. After 15 minutes one passed with a ‘sorry, not in service’ sign.

I finally got the next 120 bus after waiting a total of 25 minutes!

I have written and complained twice. But things haven’t improved.

Incidentally, the 120 Green Bus, which both Mr Yates and myself admire, only runs to the Hallamshire, which I see when waiting in High Street.

This is confusing as the number is still 120.

First said no further changes will be carried out until January, 2012.

Dorothy Canning, S10

We wanted to clarify the concerns of petitioners on the 120 bus provision.

When we’ve been contacted by residents as their local councillors, their main concern has not been a stop moving 100 yards but the removal of the stop at the interchange.

There is now not a single bus to the Hallamshire Hospital, the University or Broomhill from the interchange.

Instead the only option is the 120 bus, which leaves from Pond Street, which is dimly lit, insecure and not suitable for the elderly or frail who need to get to the hospital.

We’re delighted that local residents have taken the initiative on an important issue and we hope First and Stagecoach will have the common sense to listen to 1,600 Sheffielders.

Couns Paul Scriven, Shaffaq Mohammed, Andy Sangar, John Knight and Janice Sidebottom