Long may we back the hunting ban

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How pleased I was to read Gael Stigant’s front page article on fox hunting and the possible relaxation of the hunting ban.

Many children living in the city and many adults have never seen a fox and never seen the huntsmen in their red jackets charging through the countryside on their horses, following their huge packs of dogs.

This we are told is a sport!

But I’ve seen the fox when the dogs have caught him, and tore him to pieces.

It’s not a pretty sight.

Some of the hunting fraternity say they need to kill the fox because he takes their lambs.

Well usually the ewe will put up quite a fight to protect her young.

If killing the fox is deemed necessary then surely he should be cleanly shot, not chased till he drops exhausted and then torn to pieces.

Long may we back the hunting ban.

Margaret Holland

Sheffield 6