Lollypop op for South Yorkshire pooch

Tracy Drake with her German Shepherd Five
Tracy Drake with her German Shepherd Five
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A worried South Yorkshire vet has warned dog owners about the dangers of lollypop sticks after a dog needed emergency surgery after swallowing one.

Five, a four-year-old German Shepherd, underwent a one-hour operation at Barnsley’s Abbey Vets to remove a wooden lollypop stick from her stomach.

She’d been given the treat by her owner Tracy Drake but bit off more than she could chew when she swallowed the lollypop whole.

Tracy, who lives in Monk Bretton, said: “As a special treat I gave Five a mini ice cream lolly to lick whilst I held on to the stick. Suddenly the whole lolly was taken straight out of my hand and she swallowed the lot.

“The vet explained to me that if we tried to make her sick there was a big risk of the stick lodging in her throat and choking her so they would need to operate to get it out.

“Thankfully the operation went well and after spending two nights at the vets she was allowed home.”

Tony Duffy, from Abbey Vets, said: “Left untreated, lollypop sticks can pierce a dog’s intestines causing potentially fatal peritonitis.

“We’re asking people to ensure they keep their ice lollies away from their dog, and that used sticks are placed in a secure rubbish bin.”