Lollipop ladies - or permit cuts

Lollipop man and wife team Pat and Jim Heathcote, aged 69 and 72, of Stocksbridge.
Lollipop man and wife team Pat and Jim Heathcote, aged 69 and 72, of Stocksbridge.
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School crossing patrols would be under threat if Sheffield Council lowered parking permit prices, according to a report.

Two petitions were submitted to the authority calling for reductions to the cost of residential parking, which includes zones in Broomhill and Hillsborough, as well as a drop in price for low-income families.

But Coun Leigh Bramall, Cabinet Member for Business, said: “We considered the petitions but will not be reducing the fees.

“The permit fees in Sheffield are low compared to many other cities and do not cover the cost of running the schemes.

“Even though fees have risen recently, they are only around the same as when parking permits were first introduced in 2004. In the current financial climate we need to make difficult choices and would not be able to reduce our permit fees without affecting and threatening other services, such as the school crossing patrols.”

Permits for parking in the city’s ‘Peripheral Parking Zones’ cost £36 per year for the first car and £72 for a second, up from £10 for a first car before 2011.

But the petitions were dismissed by the authority, which said prices were ‘relatively modest’ and it would face a funding shortfall parking revenue went down.

The report said: “The combined income from enforcement and permits still do not cover the overall cost of running the service. It is only when cash income from pay and display parking is factored into the equation that the service produces a surplus.”

It also said the council would be £285,000 short if it reduced prices to pre-2011 levels, as the first petition called for.

The price of permits provoked ire among Star readers. Dan Douglas said: “The permit price is outrageous, introduced with the permits at £10 per year then straight up to £36 per year without warning.”

Jayne Grayson added: “It’s a disgrace, but they have you over a barrel – you need them, you pay.”