Locks to be fitted to bin stores in Sheffield neighbourhood to keep out drug users

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Bin stores in a Sheffield neighbourhood will be fitted with locks to keep out drug users, police have revealed, as part of efforts to curb anti-social behaviour.

Police in Broomhall said action was being taken in response to concerns raised by members of the community.

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PCSO Sujata Kaladagi, of the Sheffield Central local policing team, said: "We have listened to the local communities around the Broomhall area, and liaised with local housing associations to tackle and design out anti-social behaviour related to drug misuse.

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"We have spoken with Fairways who are fitting secure locks to their bin stores, to stop drug users gaining access, and are also working with Places For People who are looking to redevelop their own bin stores.

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"The long-term objective is to design out low level anti-social behaviour."