Local support needed for people with HIV

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More than 15 years after modern antiretroviral medication transformed HIV into a manageable condition, Terrence Higgins Trust’s new report HIV & Poverty (www.tht.org.uk/poverty) reveals a shocking picture of financial hardship among people with HIV in the UK.

The charity has had a 15 per cent increase in people accessing its hardship fund, which helps people with HIV in severe financial need cover basic living costs, including food, clothing and heating costs.

As the full impact of the Government’s welfare reforms starts to be felt, it is vital that our council considers the needs of local people with HIV in its plans, and that financial, social and emotional support is available for those whose condition affects their ability to work and maintain financial stability.

HIV and poverty should not be linked. But, without adequate support, financial stress, poor diet, and other factors associated with poverty can lead to mental and physical ill health for people with HIV, in turn making it harder for them to re-enter employment or regain financial control.

Let’s do all we can to make sure that HIV and poverty no longer so often go hand in hand.

Gerard MacCarthy

The Greenway, Sheffield, S8