Local MP pledges support to national dog charity

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A local MP has pledged her support to help drive change for dog welfare.

Angela Smith, MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge, joined a host of MPs at the recent 125th anniversary celebrations of UK dog welfare charity Dogs Trust.

From its early years campaigning against the widespread use of dogs for vivisection and the persecution of stray dogs following rabies scares, to opening shelters for stray dogs and most recently, successfully campaigning to make microchipping compulsory in England, Scotland and Wales, Dogs Trust has long championed the cause of the nation’s four-legged friends.

With 125 years of successful animal welfare campaigning under its belt, Dogs Trust is now looking to the future and took the opportunity to ask the assembled MPs, including Ms Smith MP, to support the charity as it continues on the road to driving change for dogs over in the country.

Ms Smith said: “I am very pleased to support Dogs Trust in raising awareness of the current issues facing the nation’s dogs.

“Dog welfare is something I feel very strongly about, and I commend the incredible efforts Dogs Trust has gone to in a bid to improve the lives dogs across the country over the past 125 years. I pledge to help do my bit to drive change for dogs over the next 12 months and beyond.”

Adrian Burder, Dogs Trust CEO, said: “Over the coming 12 months one of the main focuses for Dogs Trust will be the issue of irresponsible breeding. There is currently little to no enforcement on the breeding and sale of dogs in the UK and this is something which needs to change. Looking forward, Dogs Trust is calling for a registration and licensing system to ensure better enforcement of anyone breeding or selling.”