Local Elections: Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster results

Local Elections: Bringing you all the results from Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster.
Local Elections: Bringing you all the results from Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster.
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LABOUR has retained control of councils in Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham - ALL ward results here.

We have listed each town and all the wards where elections are taking place.

Look out for other online coverage, including video reports, chats and speeches from all the key politicians.



CENTRAL: Dyson, Martin (Labour. 1577), Hetherington, Jack (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts, 150), Hill, Elizabeth (Conservative, 281), Krska, Damion (Barnsley Independent Group, 263), Porter, Colin (British National Party, 289).

CUDWORTH: Dyson, Kirk Stuart (Conservative, 278), Hubbard, Terry (British National Party, 444), Wraith, Charlie (Labour, 2002).

DARFIELD: Burnett, David (British National Party, 197), Hancock-Jones, Carmen (Barnsley Independent Group, 1091), Key, Brian Michael (Labour, 1541), Wilkinson, Gordon (Conservative, 239).

DARTON EAST: Hood, Joni (Liberal Democrats, 117), Miller, Roy (Labour, 1660), Needham, Garry Bradley (Conservative, 363), Race, John (Barnsley Independent Group, 894), Sutton, Sharon (British National Party, 170).

DARTON WEST: Burgess, Linda (Labour, 2041); Sutton, Ian (British National Party, 435), Watkinson, Clive (Conservative, 769).

DEARNE NORTH: Gardiner, Alan (Labour, 1665), Garner, Kurt (Barnsley Independent Group, 501), Walker, Nathan (British National Party, 246).

DEARNE SOUTH: Buckley, Paul Edward (Conservative, 207), Garner, Susan Elaine (Barnsley Independent Group, 206), Hinchliffe, Raymond (British National Party, 270), Sixsmith, Ralph (Labour, 2183).

DODWORTH: Brown, Alan (British National Party, 222), Leech, Dave (Labour, 1199), Perrin, Brian (Barnsley Independent Group, 1564), Toon, Hamish (Conservative, 494).

HOYLAND MILTON: England, Sam (Conservative, 314), Lipscombe, Barry (Barnsley Independent Group, 1075), Riddiough, Kevin David (English Democrats - “Putting England First!”, 290), Shepherd, Tim (Labour 1630).

KINGSTONE: Bowden, Geoff (Barnsley Independent Group, 870), Pearson, Howard Grant (Conservative, 193), Robinson, Peter John (British National Party, 195), Sheard, Tom (Labour, 1160).

MONK BRETTON: Collins, Jane (UK Independence Party (UKIP), 452), Hubbard, Jane (British National Party, 252), Pickering, Clive Melvin (Barnsley Independent Group, 560), Sheard, Margaret (Labour, 1292), Toon, Michael John (Conservative, 135).

NORTH EAST: Dashwood, Winnifred (British National Party, 210), Devoy, Tony (122), Millner, Gill (Conservative, 231), North, Dave (Barnsley Independent Group, 1716), Sykes, Chris (Labour, 1388).

OLD TOWN: Barr, Andrew (Conservative, 331), Cherryholme, Anita (Labour, 1673), Curtis, John (British National Party, 211), Love, John (Barnsley Independent Group, 951).

PENISTONE EAST: Hand-Davis, Paul Francis (Conservative, 2577), Hayler, Jill (Labour, 1811).

PENISTONE WEST: Drewry, Mick (Independent, 558), James, Paul (British National Party, 195), Rusby, Ann (Conservative, 1836), Starling, Peter John (Labour, 1298).

ROCKINGHAM: Hill, George (Conservative, 333), Lamb, Chris (Labour, 1846), Shirt, Peter (British National Party, 210), Sylvester, Steven (Barnsley Independent Group, 1263),

ROYSTON: Cheetham, Tracey Jayne (Labour, 1570), Gouthwaite, Eddie (Socialist Labour Party, 114), Harris, Paul Anthony (British National Party, 113), Johnson, James (UK Independence Party (UKIP), 450), Wilkinson, Alex (Conservative, 244), Wilson, Ben (Liberal Democrats, 148).

ST HELEN’S: Platts, Jenny (Labour, 1713), Walker, Dean (British National Party, 261), Watkinson, Lesley Anne (Conservative, 185).

STAIRFOOT: Dyson, Karen (Labour, 1755), Harris, Susan (Joy British National Party, 261), Pickering, Daniel (Barnsley Indepedent Group, 622), Pilkington, Chris (Conservative, 233).

WOMBWELL: Jenner, Keith Tony (Conservative, 323), Parker, Shane (John British National Party, 218), Townsend, Jane Arnot (Barnsley Independent Group, 440), Wraith, Dick (Labour, 1887).

WORSBROUGH: Barlow, Betty (Labour, 1296), Cooke, Daniel (British National Party, 246), Levitt, Raymond (Barnsley Independent Group, 1061), Murray, Peter John (Conservative, 244), Robinson, Terry (Socialist Labour Party, 74).


ADWICK: Susan Mary Bolton (Lab, 2326 ELECTED); Davbe Farrell (Lib Dem, 259); Kerry Nigel Wood (Con, 509); Vivein Woodrow (English Democrats, 323).

ARMTHORPE: Tony Corden (Lab, 1958 ELECTED); Barbara Fletcher (Con, 415); Scott Andrew Pickles (Ind, 1410).

ASKERN SPA: Carol Greenhalgh (Con, 831); John Hardy (Ind, 416); Alan Jones (Lab, 2205 ELECTED); Malcolm Woodrow (English Democrats, 574).

BALBY: Mick Jameson (Lab, 2105 ELECTED); Liz Sparrow (Con, 669); Margaret Thompson (Ind, 925).

BENTLEY: Charlie Hogarth (Lab, 1937 ELECTED); Phil Mason (Ind, 498); Tony Wagstaffe (English Democrats, 739).

BESSACARR & CANTLEY: Paul Bissett (Lab, 1371); Paul Coddington (Lib Dem, 1614 ELECTED); Martin Damian Greenhalgh (Con, 1006); Keith John Hewitt (English Democrats, 756).

CENTRAL: Barbara Jean Bell (Lib Dem, 358); Stuart Exelby (Community Group, 402); Paul Hutchinson (Con, 504); Mal Perkins (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts, 268); Sue Wilkinson (Lab, 1914 ELECTED).

CONISBROUGH & DENABY: Jonathan Sherwin Broughton (Con, 422); Craig Sahman (Lab,2417 ELECTED); Erwin Toseland (BNP, 596).

EDENTHORPE, KIRK SANDALL & BARNBY DUN: Nick Allen (Con, 837); Fred Gee (English Democrats, 655); Karl Goodman (Lib Dems, 394); Michael Thomas Maye (Ind, 928); Tony Revill (Lab, 1618 ELECTED).

EDLINGTON & WARMSWORTH: John Brennan (English Democrats, 512); Helen Ellis (BNP, 153); Bob Johnson (Lab, 1856 ELECTED); Elizabeth Jones (Con, 292); Georgina Mullis (Ind, 1053).

FINNINGLEY: Nigel Berry (English Democrats, 1137); Francis John Jackson (Lab, 1327); Richard Alan Johnson (Lib Dems, 670); Patricia Schofield (Con, 2217 ELECTED).

GREAT NORTH ROAD: John Victor Butterfield (Lib Dems, 161); Frank Lloyd Calladine (Con, 551); Steve Grocott (English Democrats, 492); David Hughes (Ind, 893); Bill Mordue (Lab, 2195 ELECTED); Stephen Platt (Green, 245).

HATFIELD: Jessie Jamieson Credland (Ind, 604); Mick Glynn (English Democrats, 673); James Vincent Hart (Con, 556); Pat Knight (Lab, 1519 ELECTED); Peter Knight (Ind, 169); Stewart Rayner (Community Group, 329).

MEXBOROUGH: John Alfred Bettney (BNP, 265); Phyllis Calladine (Con, 211); Malcolm Jevons (Lib Dems, 924); Sue Phillips (Lab, 2116 ELECTED); Anthony Mark Watson (UKIP, 255).

ROSSINGTON: Kathleen Margaret Beard (Con, 296); John Brown (Lib Dems, 134); John Nolan Cooke (Ind, 656); Hilary McNamee (Lab, 1498 ELECTED); Terry Wilde (Ind, 921).

SPROTBROUGH: Lynette Chipp (Green, 549); Barbara Hewitt (English Democrats, 662); Peter Alexander Edward Milar (Lab, 1398); Cynthia Ransome (Con, 1629 ELECTED).

STAINFORTH & MOORENDS: Joe Blackham (Lab, 1582 ELECTED); Martin Edward Drake (Con, 471); Margaret Rose Holt-Taylor (English Democrats, 394); Dave Owen (BNP, 288); John Quinn (Ind, 135); Allison Jane Wilson (Community Group, 232).

THORNE: Tony Brookes (Community Group, 723); John Brown (Con, 951); Rachel Hodson (Lab, 1696 ELECTED); Richard Walker (Ind, 663).

TORNE VALLEY: David Adgar (Lib Dems, 473); Barbara Mary Hoyle (Con, 2255 ELECTED); Ian Pearson (Lab, 1241); Rebecca Walters (UKIP, 592).

TOWN MOOR: Chris Allen (Con, 628); Kim Doyle (Lib Dems, 460); Sue Knowles (Lab, 1775 ELECTED); Patrick Wilson (Ind, 834).

WHEATLEY: Maurice Field (Con, 500); Michelle Goodman (Lib Dems, 276); Roy John Penketh (English Democrats, 786); John Sheppard (Lab, 1867 ELECTED).


ANSTON & WOODSETTS: Judy Dalton (Lab, 1562 ELECTED); Simon Paul Edmonson (Con, 965); David Foulstone (Green, 164); Denise Margaret Hickson (UKIP, 326); Clive Robert Jepson (Ind, 462); Stuart Alwyn Thornton (Ind, 406).

BOSTON CASTLE: Chris James Edward Bingham (Trade Unionists and Socialists, 211); Ashiq Hussain (Con, 1156); Eric Anthony Shaw (Lib Dem, 303); Harry Woffenden (UKIP, 606); Peter Anthony Wootton (Lab, 1836 ELECTED).

BRINSWORTH & CATCLIFFE: Michael Cooke (Con, 668); Terry Robert Fieldhouse (BNP, 581); Andy Roddison (Lab, 2147 ELECTED).

DINNINGTON: Pat Beighton (Con, 761); Jane Ann Havenhand (Lab, 1725 Elected); Martin Deric Hickson (UKIP, 324); Dave Smith (Ind, 465).

HELLABY: Jenny Andrews (Lab, 1638 Elected); Brian Cutts (Con, 1550); Douglas Fairfax (UKIP, 664).

HOLDERNESS: Keith Hunter (Con, 1089); Lyndsay Pitchley (Lab, 2450 Elected).

HOOBER: Jane Hamilton (Lab, 1948 Elected); Michael John Pallant (UKIP, 572); Steven Scutt (Lib Dem, 155); Brian Eastwood Taylor (Con, 549).

KEPPEL: David Cutts (UKIP, 866); Barry Arthur Kaye (Lab, 1812 Edited); Janice Middleton (Lib Dem, 314); Michael Robinson (Con, 699).

MALTBY: Christine Beaumont (Lab, 1881 Elected); Michael John Burke (BNP, 388); Michael James Conlon (Ind, 215); Derek Anthony Norman Johnson (Con, 322); John Cyril Kirk (Ind, 370).

RAWMARSH: George Baldwin (BNP, 327); Neil Hamilton (Lab, 1911 Elected); Mathew Andrew Nichols (UKIP, 470); Josephine Taylor (Con, 446).

ROTHER VALE: Doris Joan Hunter (Con, 562); David Ridgway (Ind, 628); John Francis Swift (Lab, 1884 Elected).

ROTHERHAM EAST: Barry Dodson (Lab, 1951 Elected); Mohammed Ilyas (Lib Dem, 328); Christian Carl Backer Kramer (Con, 269); Ross Barry (Ind, 128); Matthew Stevenson (BNP, 369).

ROTHERHAM WEST: John Foden (Lab, 2130 Elected); Anne Middleton (Con, 368); Caven Vines (UKIP, 941).

SILVERWOOD: Stephen Jones (Con, 750); Roger Stone (Lab, 1700 Elected); John Wilkinson (UKIP, 1079).

SITWELL: John Gilding (Con, 1899 Elected); Tajamal Khan (Lab, 1545); Valerie Irene Wilkinson (UKIP, 938).

SWINTON: Beryl Charlotte Brown (Con, 463); John Doyle (Lab, 2135 Elected); Shaun O’Dell (UKIP, 823).

VALLEY: Paul Martin Lakin (Lab, 2034); Jason Paul Pearson (BN, 468); Michele Todd (Con, 639).

WALES: Dominic Edward Beck (Lab, 2089 Elected); Dennis Flynn (UKIP, 600); Gill Shaw (Con, 1160).

WATH: Brian Albert Bailey (UKIP, 917); Lissa Higgins (Con, 524); Alex Sangster (Lab, 2080 Elected).

WICKERSLEY: Tina Charisse Dowdall (UKIP, 483); Robert Foulds (Ind1058); Chris Read (Lab, 1717 Elected); Donald Bruce Ross (Con, 596).

WINGFIELD: Marlene Guest (BNP, 514); Basil Charles Hammond (Con, 363); Terry Sharman (Lab, 1648 Elected); Maureen Vines (UKIP, 481).