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On the question of local bank branch offices, if ever I had the fortune to have such a facility, last week was the highlight.

I was on my computer at home when the screen suddenly erupted into a mass of figures and programmes belonging to me and this then indicated that Microsoft themselves wished to make me an offer.

At this point, the phone rang and the caller, who said he represented Microsoft, gave his name, office address and telephone number.

He asked how long I had owned my computer, which I said was about five years, at which he said Microsoft would give me a “compensation refund” of £400 towards the purchase of an up-to-date replacement.

This refund would be made by them paying £4,000 into my bank account.

On receipt of this, I should deduct the £400 refund and then transfer the balance of £3,600 back to Microsoft via Rymans in Sheffield, requesting them to despatch the money by Western Union.

The caller requested that all this should be done while my computer remained on and while he held on the phone alarm bells were now ringing, so I asked the caller to remain on the line while I went down the road to the Nat West Branch on Abbeydale Road to “put the wheels in motion”.

He said that the arrangements could be done on line without my leaving my seat, but I insisted that I should do it my way, to which he eventually agreed.

I jumped in the car and went to the bank and advised the assistant of the situation, who immediately blacked all my accounts.

On checking my accounts, she discovered that the £4,000, which Microsoft said they had paid to me, had, in fact, been switched by them from my cash ISA to my current account.

The assistant then contacted Na West security office by telephone for me and the gentleman there said I should return home, disconnect the phone caller and shut down the computer.

He said also that my existing debit and credit cards had been cancelled and that replacements would be sent to me over the next few days (which they have).

Furthermore, he suggested that I should take my computer to a specialist to have it thoroughly “cleaned”, which I have done and to which additional security components have been installed.

Had the NatWest Branch not been so convenient and with the hacker blocking my telephone and computer lines I’m not sure I could have safely resolved the situation.

A friend of ours at our local Methodist Church told us that an acquaintance had several hundred pounds “lifted” from her bank account and unfortunately has no means of recovering her loss.

If there is any possibility of NatWest (or other banks locally) being able to change their closure plans I, and I’m sure many others would be highly relieved at being able to continue receiving the excellent service and support from the wonderful staff.

Peter Fox

Pingle Road, Sheffield, S7

Let’s walk away now

Anybody heard of someone called Barry Sheerman Labour MP representing Huddersfield?

Another ‘southerner’ who’s made a good living off the backs of uneducated Yorkshire folk, apparently he says anyone who voted for Brexit is uneducated and that all remainers are the ones who are.

Almost 17.5 million ‘thickies’ according to Sheerman including 55 per cent of his own constituents.

It is a simple fact of life that a bully will always kick a weakling or one perceived as such. That is how people like Sheerman and his beloved EU see this country of ours. One of the signatories of the American Declaration of Independence once said “ Now gentlemen, we must hang together for if we do not we shall assuredly hang separately”.

The EU leave referendum was won in a democratic vote whether we agree or not, yet according to Labour MP Sheerman by almost 17.5 million uneducated voters, yet that is what is going to happen, we will leave. In what format no one yet knows, maybe educated Sheerman MP can enlighten us and also why he and all his super rich elitist friends aka ‘Bliar’, Adonis and that other liar Clegg hate Brexit? Make no mistake we will be leaving, educated or not. Another referendum? Then another? Just like the Irish Republic ‘till we come up with the elitists’ correct result? Let’s walk away NOW! By the way Armageddon is still on the back burner.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74

Turn the clock back

Development is not a nasty word, it is something which changes the thinking of those who see land that can be used for their benefit and not for the benefit of the area.

Offering jobs does not fulfil the requirements of those living on the Blackburn Valley, because of the dangers it can unleash if developed wrongly.

Turn the clock back to 2007 and the terrible waters unleashed on the valley.

I took a student to Sheffield University later trying to reach her only to find Rutland road blocked and cars going in every direction to get across the main road.

I drove down to Ecclesfield road found it blocked but did a detour through the estate. It was a silly thing to do but I had to see and made my way over the metal bridge towards the Blackburn Brook.

Sitting there I could see the waters just short of 50mm /2inch off the top of the wall separating the Outokumpu site from the trans Pennine walk. The waters were flowing 5 to10 mile per hour silent and deadly.

I imagined the amount of water across the valley from where I was sitting to the gates of the old crusher factory and the flood alleviation/sports field which stretched from the car park wall across to the bridge and it was a terrifying amount of water.

The watchman looking after the site showed me the waters had just reached 120mm (6inch )opposite the gates, a huge amount of water.

Since then many alterations have been made to the river course but not to help it and its banks have been made worse leaving many areas susceptible to even more flooding should 2007 be repeated.

Any garage would be safe but for those living on or near the Blackburn Brook a terrifying ordeal awaits them.

The valleys are not safe to develop without full flood measures being taken into account. This I know when talking to the people on the River Don Winn Gardens how they were surprised how fast the waters came. They said it was as though someone had released a flood gate up the river and it swept over them.