Load of hypocrisy from '˜snowflakes'?

I am an old man who has never been inside Spearmint Rhino, or any other similar establishment, but I see once again that the club is under attack by 'activists'.

Tuesday, 8th May 2018, 6:44 am
Updated Tuesday, 8th May 2018, 6:51 am
Spearmint Rhino

Apparently, a judicial review of the club has been brought about by a resident. Where does she actually reside, and is it alongside the club? If it is, why doesn’t she just move?

It’s not long ago that, at the time when the club’s licence was due for renewal, objections were raised on what appeared to be totally unsubstantiated accusations against such clubs of connections with rape and assaults on women.

Even The Star jumped on the bandwagon, allowing an unnamed woman to write an article linking clubs like Spearmint Rhino with unsubstantiated attacks by men on women as a result of going to such clubs. What a slur that is on men in general.

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The Star seems to be going a little further this time around, as they have printed the address to which objectors can write.

There’s no mention of an address that anyone wishing to support the club can write to. That’s not very impartial is it? Maybe the “Sisters” have moved into The Star?

It seems that out of a population of around ahalf a million in Sheffield, the club is on trial again because of a mere 100 objections.

Employees at the club say it is a good employer, and there’s never any trouble at the premises. The club seems to be working under a lot of restraints imposed by the licensing committee in Sheffield, and the police don’t seem to have a problem with it. So, why the objections?

Where were all the organisations behind this judicial review on March 15, when male strippers, The Dreamboys, appeared at Sheffield City Hall?

I don’t remember reading that they were all protesting in Barkers Pool. I doubt that they will all be coached up to the Leeds 02 Academy when the Dreamboys are there in June.

The Pleasureboys, another stripping group, were in Hull, Bradford and Leeds in March.

How many of those against Spearmint Rhino were busy trying to shut those venues down?

There are lots more male stripping groups on the internet, who tour the nation, so why do the protesters in Sheffield not protest about them?

Perhaps the objectors should take a walk around Sheffield city centre at the weekend. They could perhaps then offer advice to scantily clad girls who are legless, effing and blinding, and throwing up.

I just find this a load of hypocrisy from what I believe is called “snowflakes”.

S Collins

Sheffield, S5