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Mr S Rich, (Star, July 24), rightly points out that Greenhill TARA has kept the format of the Sheffield Fair, (my spelling Mr Rich, I hate the word ‘Fayre’), military re enactors, he had flagged this up previously, which I had forgotten.

A fantastic achievement and let’s hope that Sheffielders turn up to Greenhill Park in their thousands on August 9, for this free event.

For my own part I lean to events/re-enactments which take place in original locations, with some dramatic licence.

Some years ago the Royalist storming of Rotherham in 1643 took place around the Chapel on the Bridge, the Friends of Sheffield Castle and Sheffield Manor Lodge have utilised the Old Queens Head and even part of the ‘modernist legacy’ ie the concrete jungle of Exchange Street.

Our own Cathedral is being utilised for the tale of Arbella Stuart in September, while there is the tremendous potential of Carbrook Hall, Hill Top Chapel and of course, Bishop’s House.

Alas, the Robin Hood events at Loxley are but memories, but if Derby can remember the Young Pretender’s arrival, surely Sheffield can look forward to the surcoats of the De Funivals being seen again on the site of Sheffield Castle.

Ron Clayton