Lives put at risk by laser pen shone at motorists from motorway bridge in South Yorkshire

Lives were put at risk when a laser pen was shone at vehicles travelling along the M1 in South Yorkshire last night.

Tuesday, 20th November 2018, 11:14 am
Updated Tuesday, 20th November 2018, 11:19 am
A laser pen was aimed at motorists on the M1 in South Yorkshire last night

A green laser light was directed at vehicles travelling along the M1 near Barnsley, prompting one concerned motorist blinded by the laser to report the incident to South Yorkshire Police.

CRIME: Little girl still critical after death crash in Sheffield The woman, who was travelling towards Rotherham with two teenage girls in her car at around 9.30pm, said she was temporarily blinded by the '˜thick green intense light'.

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Her friend, whose daughter was in the car, said: 'This is idiotic. Lives could have been lost if there had been a crash.

'These lasers blind motorists so to deliberately aim at vehicles travelling at 70mph on a motorway is absolute madness.

'It might seem like a prank but those doing this are putting lives at risk.

'I don't know whether the police followed up the phone call when this was reported last night but I hope officers are trying to find the culprit because people might not be so lucky next time.'

Chief Inspector Chris Foster said: 'The shining of laser pens into the eyeline of anyone who is driving is taken seriously and is now subject of a specific law which has recently been changed to encompass all traffic rather than the previous one of endangering an aircraft in flight.

'We take any issues such as this seriously and would encourage the person to report this to us so that we can investigate the matter and ensure the safety of the public.

'The potential consequences of this action, especially on a busy motorway, are unthinkable. I would encourage anyone with any information to contact us.

'Officers from the local neighbourhood team will provide visibility in the area and ensure any information such as this is acted upon.'