Lives at risk following theft of defibrillator from Rotherham village

A defibrillator has been stolen from Treeton
A defibrillator has been stolen from Treeton
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Fears have been raised that lives have been put at risk following the theft of a defibrillator from a Rotherham village.

The theft of the device, which can re-start hearts, was discovered this morning.

It was taken from a storage unit outside Treeton Village Community Hub on Pit Lane, just three months after it was placed there.

Parish councillor Terry Adair revealed details of the theft on Facebook.

He wrote: "Some inconsiderate person decided that he would rob the village of their defibrillator.

"This was for saving a life. You are responsible for taking that lifeline away. Bring it back please."

Community stalwart, John Swift, described the theft as terrible.

"People worked very hard to get the defibrillator in Treeton, like they have on a lot of the villages round here," he said.

"It's terrible that somebody would want to steal it because it is there to save lives.

"Whoever did this is putting lives at risk."

Andrea Beckingham said: "It really makes you wonder what goes through people's minds when they do something like that."

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: "Sometime between 10pm on Thursday and 8am today, the defibrillator machine from Treeton Village Community and Resource Centre, Rotherham, was reportedly stolen.

"Anyone with any information is asked to contact the police."

Call South Yorkshire Police on 101.