Lively letters made me a regular reader

I stopped buying The Star on a regular basis a few weeks ago because I didn't think that the content warranted the price, but then I happened to get one and noticed that the letters pages had livened up considerably, so if only for that I am once again a regular reader.

letter writing
letter writing

The letter from the Green Giant regarding TV adverts was hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing. It was brilliant.

I must agree with him that most adverts are either boring, ridiculous or downright vile, e.g. the Money Supermarket one, but if you watch Sky Sport, which I do (and which ’er indoors has to) then there are two quite amusing adverts.

One features two men adrift in the ocean in a rubber dinghy.

One of the men is calmly following a football match on his mobile while the other has noticed that they are surrounded by sharks and is in a rather panicky mode, as we all would be.

Forgive me for being a bit dim (I am 74) and I know very little about mobile phones, but how can you follow a football match in the middle of the Atlantic?

The other advert features Chris Kamara in a variety of poses with his trademark ‘Unbelievable’ slogan.

JD Arnold