Lively debate over new Aldi store on outskirts of SheffieldÂ

Long-awaited plans to build a new Aldi on the outskirts of Sheffield has set tongues wagging online.  Â

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 11 October, 2018, 09:53

The supermarket chain has confirmed that construction work on the Swallownest site will finally begin in winter 2019.

The site, which is just off the junction of Swallow Wood Road and Sheffield Road, has been fenced off for a number of months and work to install a junction and crossing island has already been carried out.

The new Aldi site.

The move has sparked a lively debate online among Star readers with many taking to Facebook to make their voices heard. 

Some were in favour of the new store, which is due to open in 2020.  

Sue Sinclair said: 'It is in a good location and will not bother anyone. It will be just along from Aston Fence Junior and Infant School, so good for people in Swallownest and will not have to travel to Drakehouse so it will be less busy around there.'

Wendy Webster described it as 'brilliant news' and said she was 'only disappointed that the opening of the store is well over a year away' and she 'wishes it was sooner.' 

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But Rebecca Middleton raised concerns that 'this is when all the traffic will start' when the store opens.

James Singer expressed his frustration that 'it started about two years ago and still virtually no progress has been made.'

Pete Jeffery feels there are already too many shops stood empty in the city and questioned why we need another supermarket.

He expressed his concern that new ones will only 'take trade away from existing shops, probably causing those to close.'

But Andy Conway believes 'the only shops affected by Aldi are the giant supermarkets and they won't be closing.'

He added: 'The reason high street shops are closing is much more to do with Amazon and other online retailers rather that Aldi. It might have some effect on the Co-op at Swallownest but not enough to result in closure.'