LIVE: Sheffield Council election results - Labour in control, Billings remains PCC

Results from the Sheffield City Council election count are in.

Friday, 6th May 2016, 8:43 pm
Updated Friday, 6th May 2016, 9:50 pm
Candidates are waiting to find out their fate at the ballot box.

Our reporter Alex Moore is at the count where candidates are waiting to find out if they've been victorious or not at the ballot box.

Sheffield Council is still under Labour control after the party retained the large majority of its seats in Thursday’s election.

The only wards to see any political shift were Beauchief and Greenhill, where Labour lost two seats to the Liberal Democrats, Broomhill and Sharrow Vale, where the Green Party lost one seat to Labour and Nether Edge and Sharrow, where the Greens gained one back from Labour.

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There were close calls in the new City ward, where the Greens nearly took a second seat, Declan Walsh just 25 votes behind Labour’s Moya O’Rourke in fourth. And in Stocksbridge and Upper Don UKIP’s Graeme Waddicar was only three votes away from making it a clean sweep for his party, missing out to Labour’s Richard Crowther.

But the closest result was in West Ecclesfield, where UKIP and Labour tied for the third seat. Labour took it after a tie-breaking vote was drawn.

The new makeup of the council with all votes counted is: Labour, 57; Liberal Democrats, 19 seats; the Green Party, four seats; Ukip, four seats.


Park & Arbourthorne

Julie Dore (Labour) 1962

Ben Miskell (Labour) 1639

Jack Scott (Labour) 1497

Beauchief & Greenhill

Bob Pullin (Lib Dem) 2369

Richard Shaw (Lib Dem) 2322

Andy Nash (Lib Dem) 2300


Helen Mirfin-Boukouris (Labour) 1962

Ian Saunders (Labour) 1947

Chris Roslings-Joseph (Labour) 1704


Bryan Lodge (Labour) 1912

Denise Fox (Labour) 1861

Karen McGowan (Labour) 1719

Broomhill & Sharrow Vale

Michelle Cook(Labour) 1956

Magid Mah (Green) 1882

Kieran Harpham (Labour) 1860


Jackie Drayton (Labour) 3483

Talib Hussain (Labour) 3228

Mark Jones (Labour) 2784


Douglas Johnson (Green) 708

Robert Murphy (Green) 626

Moya Ann O’Rourke (Labour) 617

Crookes & Crosspool

Anne Murphy (Labour) 2713

Adam Hanrahan (Lib Dem) 2573

Craig Gamble-Pugh (Labour) 2180


Mazher Iqball (Labour) 2806

Mary Lea (Labour) 2672

Zahira Naz (Labour) 2423

Dore & Totley

Colin Ross (Lib Dem) 3875

Joe Otten (Lib Dem) 3547

Martin Smith (Lib Dem) 3391

East Ecclesfield

Andy Bainbridge (Labour) 1919

Steve Wilson (Labour) 1558

Pauline Andrews (Ukip) 1531 


Paul Scriven (Lib Dem) 3164

Roger Davison (Lib Dem) 3439

Shaffaq Mohammed (Lib Dem) 2787

Firth Park

Alan Law (Labour) 2424

Abdul Khayum (Labour) 1916

Abtisam Mohammed (Labour) 1844


Sue Alston (Lib Dem) 3388

Andrew Sangar (Lib Dem) 3112

Cliff Woodcraft (Lib Dem) 3063

Gleadless Valley

Lewis Dagnall (Labour) 2348

Chris Peace (Labour) 2347

Cate McDonald (Labour) 2235

Graves Park

Ian Auckland (Lib Dem) 2889

Susan Auckland (Lib Dem) 2627

Steve Ayris (Lib Dem) 2374


Bob Johnson (Labour) 2998

George Lindars-Hammond (Lab) 2328

Josie Paszek (Labour) 2312

Manor Castle

Pat Midgley (Labour) 1778

Lisa Banes (Labour) 1593

Terry Fox (Labour) 1523


Tony Downing (Labour) 1992

David Barker (Labour ) 1833

Isobel Bowler (Labour) 1661

Nether Edge & Sharrow

Nasima Akther (Labour) 2850

Mohammad Maroof (Labour) 2646

Alison Teal (Green) 2563


Mike Drabble (Labour) 2177

Dianne Hurst (Labour) 1963

Peter Rippon (Labour) 1667

Shiregreen & Brightside

Dawn Dale (Labour) 2203

Peter Price (Labour) 2273

Garry Weatherall (Labour) 1746


Tony Damms (Labour) 2014

Leigh Bramall (Labour) 1926

Jayne Dunn (Labour) 1834


David Baker (Lib Dem) 2665

Penny Baker (Lib Dem) 2524

Vickie Priestley (Lib Dem) 2332

Stocksbridge & Upper Don

Jack Clarkson (Ukip) 2097

Keith Davis (Ukip) 1952

Richard Crowther (Labour) 1688


Olivia Blake (Labour) 2686

Ben Curran (Labour) 2459

Neale Gibson (Labour) 2213

West Ecclesfield

Charles Booker (Ukip) 1651

Adam Hurst (Labour) 1675

Zoe Sykes (Labour) 1507


Mick Rooney (Labour) 2014

Jackie Satur (Labour) 1790

Paul Wood (Labour) 1696

* Dr Alan Billings remains South Yorkshire's PCC

* PCC results - David Allen (English Democrats) 6687, Alan Billings (Labour) 69064, Gavin Felton (UKIP) 19393, Joe Otten (Liberal Democrats) 21877 Ian Walker (Conservative) 1146