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When Maggie Thatcher was in charge she made a trip to Coronation Street.

Now Cameron is in charge he goes to a film set.

Can’t they go to the real world, or is it too painful to see us with our flat caps and whippets, knowing what they are doing to us?

Name and address supplied

Elected to lead them

the Scottish leader Alec Salmond told Cameron he wouldn’t tolerate him telling Scotland what to do. You see, unlike Cameron and Clegg, Alec Salmond was elected by his country to lead them, you two were not!

Amanda Knox Hallam

Resident parking

people who moan about parking at Hillsborough Corner should use public transport. Those living in local side roads have to put up with cars parked on the pavement. The area has been turned into a park and ride.

Residents owning a car will have to pay. Why should we? When my family visit they will have to pay. It’s disgusting. Residents should be allowed a permit so visitors can park.

Mrs J Gregory, S6

Three strikes rule

it’s great that low life scum who rob for a career get jail time, but what the burglar got on the front page of Wednesday’s Star was a joke: three years sounds great but he will do 15 months at a push with three meals a day, all the mod cons...

Prison is like a 5-star hotel these days. He had more than 100 convictions so has had chance to change, but hasn’t.

Do what they do in America: three strikes and you’re out. It is time we got tough with repeat offenders.

Jayne Grayson