Little Ella’s on a roll-er

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She’s only 16, but she’s not the baby of the X Factor bunch.

Grimsby schoolgirl Ella Henderson showed that she’s as strong on maturity as she is of voice on Saturday night.

Ella left the teenage tantrums to Gary Barlow, whose turn it must have been to do the show’s annual stroppy stomp-off.

It came after a surely staged Louis Walsh conundrum over whether to boot out ridiculous Rylan or the Shania Twain wannabe. Obviously, the joke vote was kept in. Sooo predictable. How gullible do they think we are?

Meanwhile, this year’s winner (surely) was the picture of grown up confidence. A budding Adele, or what?

Though I do wish the backstage hairdresser could have remembered to whisk that last remaining Carmen roller out before she went on.