Little boy who was denied life saving injections has now been reprieved in dramatic NHS U-turn

Harrison Allen
Harrison Allen
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Worried parents, who were having to raise money for life saving injections for their two year old boy have been told he can now receive them

Paul and Hayley Allen from Penistone, Barnsley, were originally told they needed to pay for £5000 worth of injections to help their son Harrison get through the winter.

But now, in a dramatic U-Turn, the Chief Executive of Barnsley NHS, Diane Wake, telephoned Paul to say the injections could begin immediately.

"I had just ordered the injections 20 minutes before she phoned so luckily I was able to cancel them.

"She told me that it would be coming out of her own personal budget."

The NHS had told Paul and Hayley that Harrison did not fall within the criteria to be allocated the monthly injections because he is over two years old and does not have a severe enough respiratory disorder.

Harrison was born with a genetic condition which means he is severely undeveloped and could be at heightened risk of bronchiolitis during the colder months.

MP Angela Smith got involved in the Allen's case, speaking before the decision was overturned, she released a statement which said: “Little Harrison desperately needs these injections to start this month if he is to be protected over the winter. It is not fair he should suffer because of other people’s failures.

"I’m determined to chase the NHS on their failures and are already in contact with them. Little Harrison, however, needs these injections now so a Go Fund Me site

has recently been set up asking for people's help to fund the injections. If you can help, I am sure little Harrison and his parents would be so appreciative.”

Paul, a 35 year old Police Officer, said: "We are obviously relieved that he is having it now, but we've been going through a month of hell. They had the injections in stock. We saw a consultant who said he needed the treatment. We didn't know where to turn, our life was completely on hold."

Now Paul and Hayley have said they are feeling the 'shame' of having to ring people and return the money they donated.

"We are giving all the money back, we feel a bit bad for everyone that's helped. The Gofundme site are refunding people, we had raised £940. We're also having to give money back to friends and family members."

On the reversal of the decision, Paul said: "She told me on the phone it had nothing to do with pressure from MP, but I just think they are trying to put themselves in a positive light now."

Angela Smith was 'absolutely delighted' with the news. She said: "I pay tribute to Harrison’s parents, Paul and Hayley, and their friends and family who have worked tirelessly to secure this treatment and I hope they don’t have to go through this again in future.”

Harrison has now been administered with the first of his five monthly injections.