Litterbugs should be embarrassed

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Perhaps the reason Sheffield is rated so poorly is because of the complete lack of consideration shown by its inhabitants. It is a filthy city.

I can stand at my local bus stop and easily count 100 pieces of gum ground into the floor. The 53 bus stop near Castle Market features an amazing collection of rubbish next to a permanently empty bin.

I don’t know how long the pile has been building and I don’t know how deep it is. It isn’t just the streets, people have no problem with dropping their rubbish in someone’s front garden or sticking an empty bottle in the hedge.

Perhaps if a newspaper brought attention to the matter just a few more people would say ‘excuse me, you dropped something’ and perhaps the litterbugs would have their number reduced through embarrassment.

This really is Sheffield’s shame.

Ezeriah Stacey

by email